A Gavari Village Journal

For hundreds of years, Gavari was only known or practiced in Mewar’s villages and they are its true context and home. The rustic beauty of these communities and the egalitarian rapture of the crowds make them the best imaginable setting to experience Gavari’s power.

This year Ryuichi Fukuhara, a creative economy researcher from Kyoto’s Doshisha University, came to Udaipur to study Gavari’s impact on village wellbeing and community solidarity. These are photos from his Sept 10th visit to Dolpura Village near Jaisamand Lake and the Bhopa-shamans and Rai-players are from the neighboring Ghati Village troupe. The research is just beginning, but the multi-generational/multi-caste/multi-communal harmony and shared delight that Ryuichi witnessed – and captured here – bode well for the project’s hypothesis that immersive folk traditions like Gavari boost community cohesion, camaraderie, and ultimately psycho-social health.

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