Contest Gallery – Gavari videos


This page is for entries in the Gavari Video Category. For entries in the Gavari Selfie Category, click here. For entries in the Gavari Arena/Crowd Scenes Category, click here.

For videos, please upload them to and send us a link so we can post them here for sharing and rating.

Email your (public or private) Youtube link(s) to and please enclose whatever information you wish to share about the video(s), e.g., location, date, intent, your contact information, names of other team members & their roles if any, etc.

Looking forward to your efforts…

PS: Since the purpose of this contest is to generate and share interesting material on Gavari with the world, we strongly suggest you classify your work under the Creative Commons BY-SA category, which allows free use of the material and guarantees you attribution and recognition.  For more information on Creative Commons licensing, click here.

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Creative Commons CC by SA logo