Our Team

The hearts & minds animating Mewar Gavari are 100% indigenous,
but the players now pushing its rediscovery are a more diverse crew.

Udaipur District Collector

Collector Rohit Gupta has mobilized Udaipur officialdom to bring Gavari out of the shadows and support citizen efforts to introduce it to the world.

Mayor of Udaipur

Sri Kothari is Udaipur’s mayor and views Gavari as an important resource for improving local tourism and the region’s tribal communities’ welfare.

Bhil Tribal Leaders

The leadership council of the Mewar Adivasi Samiti (Mewar Indigenous Peoples Association) is based in Jadhol. MAS is one of the most progressive tribal rights & culture exponent groups in India. Besides promoting Gavari and indigenous ecological values, they are programmatically active in the human rights, grassroots democracy and women’s empowerment arenas.

TRI Culture Director

Ms. Mehta is Culture Director at Udaipur’s Tribal Research & Training Institute and in charge of organizing Gavari performances in town.

RTD Field Director

Ms. Saroch is Field Director for the Rajasthan Tourism Department’s Udaipur office. While searching for more imaginative eco-cultural tour options for international visitors, she discovered and fell in love with Gavari.  She now hopes to use the Gavari season to promote Mewar as a unique “destination tourism” site and to develop rural culture programs that will gratify both visitors and villagers.

Tribal researcher

Sri Kachhawa is recently retired from a long field career as the Assistant Cultural Officer at Udaipur’s Tribal Research & Training Institute where he documented Mewar’s rich folk culture with a particular emphasis on Bhil rituals and traditions.

Gavari documentarian

Sri Agneya has been documenting Gavari rites and activities for the last 25 years and has authored the first foreign language introduction to the tradition. He is also a dedicated filmmaker and is creating a 13-segment TV series on Gavari culture and drama.


Sri Tulsi Ram Bhil-Gameti is a respected Bhil tribal leader, traditional puppeteer and international folk event organizer. He arranged most of the 2016 Udaipur urban Gavari performances and represents 15 villages in the Gogunda area.

Folk art authority

Vilas Janve served for decades as West Zone  Culture Centre’s programme officer for performing arts and Shilpgram’s famed Utsav festival. He has deep first-hand experience with all of Rajasthan’s folk performance traditions and is himself a nationally renowned mime artist. After his 2015 WZCC retirement he created the Martand Foundation to support cultural enrichment in public schools and innovative inter-genre collaborations.

Filmmaker & IT designer

Co-founder of the award-winning rural/urban bridge network Merijanmbhumi.com, Mr. Paliwal is an artistically talented social entrepreneur. Besides his innovative IT & web initiatives, he also works creatively in film, drama and event organizing with a special focus on tribal and Dalit concerns.

BMCT Director

Udaipur resident, activist organizer and cultural exchange promoter, Mr. Kubiak has years of experience managing international PR campaigns for various eco-social causes. He is now acting director of Udaipur’s Big Medicine Charitable Trust, which promotes indigenous ecological values, localized creative economies and grassroots political control.