The MLSU Rediscovering Gavari Symposium

The MLSU Rediscovering Gavari Symposium

On Saturday, Oct 6th from 1:00 to 6:00 pm, Mohanlal Sukhadia University’s College of Social Science & Humanities & RGP 2018 will host the world’s first interdisciplinary seminar on Gavari culture.

MLSU Gavari Symposium Announcement

This unprecedented event will feature a broad array of authoritative (and entertaining!) voices as well as original Gavari photography & mixed media creations from senior students at the UCSSH Art Department. 

Examine Gavari as a theatrical microcosm of tribal artistry and indigenous values from

eco-spirituality & female empowerment to egalitarian politics & environmental defense.

Everyone interested in any of these topics and/or cultural history, creative 
 artistry, tribal sociology, oral traditions, human rights, local autonomy, 
ICH, sustainable development, etc.  is welcome to attend.

1:00 ??? 1:15  ??? Inaugural Welcome Session ??? MLSU Humanities Faculty representatives

1:15 ??? 2:45 ??? Session I (20 min presentations)

  • Gavari, Goddess Spirituality & Women???s Empowerment ??? Aditi Ghosh Mehta, IAS (Retd)
    – previous posts: Ajmer Collector; Raj adt Chief Secretary for social justice & empowerment; Director, WZCC
  • Gavari???s Lessons for Creative Performing Arts ??? Sri Bhanu Bharti
    – award winning playwright, director and dramaturgical innovator
  • Gavari as a Sacred, Social and Political Ritual ??? Dr. Shail Choyal
    – internationally acclaimed painter, former Director, MLSU Art Dept, CEO, P.N. Choyal Memorial Trust
  • Gavari, Adivasi Values and Ecological Spirituality ??? Dr. Velaram Ghogra
    ??? ex-CEO, Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal Peoples; former Adivasi rep to the UN Human Rights Commission, Geneva

2:45 ??? 3:15 ??? Tea Break & Viewing of MLSU UCSSH art students??? Gavari-related creations

3:15 ??? 5:45 ???Session II (20 min presentations)

  • Gavari and Mewar Cultural History ??? Dr. Pratibha
    – eminent cultural historian & author; Director, MLSU History Dept
  • Gavari as an Artistic Inspiration ??? Dr. Basant Kashyap
    – celebrated installation art innovator, former HOD of Painting at Meera Girls College
  • Gavari and Environmental Consciousness ??? Sri Shyam Sundar Paliwal
    – initiator of the famed Piplantri project; aka the “Father of Eco-feminism“, Mbr Rajasthan Wildlife Board & Panchayat Raj Parishad
  • Gavari and Ecological Ethics ??? Dr. Satya Prakash Mehra
    – eco-defense lawyer, founder/advisor, Rajputana Society of Natural History; CEO, Shri Vardhman Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Ajmer
  • Gavari and the Imagination of Tribal Youth ??? Sri Jagdish Gameti & Sri Amit Gameti
    – co-founded the Gavari Drama Group & have taken Gavari artistry all across India including to the National School of Drama

Short Segments (10 min presentations)

  • Gavari Documentation ??? Sri Harish Agneya, CEO, Tuneer Films, Gavari author & videographer
  • Gavari and Intangible Cultural Heritage ??? Sri Lokesh Paliwal, UNESCO West India ICH correspondent
  • Gavari???s Implications for Localization & Globalization ??? Mr. W. David Kubiak, RGP researcher/publicist

5:50 to 6:00 ??? Closing ceremony ??? MLSU representatives