Guiding for Gavari workshop II Sept 17 Coverage

Guiding for Gavari workshop II Sept 17 Coverage

“Guiding for Gavari” workshop II : Broadcast News Coverage

Channel 6 Lake City News – September 17, 2018 Channel 91 News – September 17, 2018

Part II of the “Guiding for Gavari” workshop  was organized by the Rediscovering Gavari Project team and sponsored by the Rajasthan Tourist Department to bring global recognition to the Mewari Bhils’ Gavari tradition and promote Mewar tourism. Fifty of Udaipur’s top guides were called together and  eminent local experts & practitioners described Gavari’s extraordinary spiritual practices, theatrical themes and cultural significance so the guides could better understand this unique indigenous theatrical ritual and accurately explain it to visitors.

GFG-I-Patrika coverage

Primary speakers at the workshop in order of appearance were Sumita Saroch, Director of  RTD Udaipur, the workshop sponsor; Jagdish Gameti, co-founder of the Gavari Drama group; core RGP team members Lokesh Paliwal & Harish Agneya; Bhil leader, Dr. Velaram Ghogra, former president of the Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal Peoples; famed Udaipur artist Dr. Basant Kashyap; West Zone Culture Centre Director Furqan Khan; and RTO Director Dr. Mannalal Rawat.

The Rediscovering Gavari  Project is an ongoing education/promotion effort supported by successive Udaipur District Collectors to bring deserved attention to the Intangible Cultural Heritage miracle of Gavari, the Mewari Bhils’ ancient sacred theater tradition.